Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

When I was pregnant with baby #2 I joined a due date group on a forum I frequented at the time. The group has stayed close and moved over to a facebook group where we keep in touch about our babies and just life. We were all due in July 2010, which means that now it's time for all our babies to turn ONE! And to celebrate we are having a hand made gift exchange. I was stoked to get the name of a little girl whose mama loves dressing her in hand knits. So much fun for me.

So I made her this sweet little dress. The pattern is the Elizabeth Tunic by Amy Curletto.

And then I decided that it needed a little something extra so I made an adorable wee shrug based on the Springtime in Hollis pattern by Teresa Cole. I put my mods in my project notes on Ravelry for anyone wishing to see how I did it. But it's so super easy peasy. I love, love, love the STIH pattern because it is so versatile, I can use one pattern to make so many things with only the tiniest bit of math-fu.

And then because the outfit was so impossibly sweet I just had to try it on my own little girl. I couldn't resist. I hope the recipient doesn't mind.

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  1. Beautiful colors and pattern for an adorable little girl!